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The island of Elisedd lies on the ocean's frontier. It is a land of shield walls and ploughshares, with crowded cities of timber and thatch heaped on crumbling stone. It is a land where the old gods are forgotten and new ones are eyed with suspicion. And magic does not exist.


Not yet.

From the Flesh of the Mighty

Status: Novel in progress (100, 000 words)

Genre: Adult Fantasy

After his days of war and killing, Drostan was supposed to find peace in the monastery serving the Everlasting. But service to a god who doesn’t deserve it has made the last eight years anything but peaceful. In the city of Isham the young and old are dying. Drostan’s hands, that once held the power to heal, no longer can. And his god is silent. When the mysterious illness strikes the abbot–the one man who took him in when no one else would–Drostan, desperate and spiritually broken, takes his dying mentor out of the city in search of a cure. His answers lie somewhere between the seen and the unseen and the horrors of the underworld.

In the Blood of the Wicked


Status: Drafting

Genre: Adult Fantasy

Before he was a monk of the Warrior King, before he was Stormfist, the Bane of Waelstow, Drostan son of Lutrin was a scout keeping watch over the untamed forests of Cirgaran with his brother and his closest friend, Fyfa. But an unknown power from the east has brought armies of men bent on conquest over the sea to Elisedd. Tragedy and inevitable war drives Drostan along a path of revenge that could destroy his home and damn his soul. 

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