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Tapping the Soul of Your Story Through Objects

I purchased this drinking horn from Grimfrost in Sweden, same with the curved belt knife. They're handmade, and completely awesome. The axe is also made in Sweden, and wouldn't be all that different from a war axe. These were practical weapons that also doubled as practical tools for splitting wood in addition to splitting skulls.

Obviously some things must be researched online, but there's a deeper connection formed with the object when you can hold it, touch it, see the details with your own eyes from any angle. Objects offer a way to the soul of your story. That's one of the reasons I enjoy drawing them when I can. Drawing offers the opportunity to form an authentic connection with something right in front of us. Objects, have a psychology to them that's lost in a static photograph, but can be felt by simply holding it, and experienced on a more meditative level by drawing them.

You do not have to be an artist to try. Find something that could be used by someone in your story, a weapon, item, and article of clothing. Take the time to understand its form and shape, its texture, and then try to draw it. There are many You Tube videos on blind contour drawing. Surrender to the process, abandon expectations, and connect with something from your WIP you will never get from research alone.

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