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The NaNoWriMo Notebook

In preparation for NaNoWriMo I'm breaking out a fresh notebook today. I'm shooting for 30K to fill out my second half. This should give me enough room to cut a ton afterward. So today I'm jotting down character goals, obstacles, consequences for each scene in my second half and then writing from the notebook as guide.

I am a plotter but I always overwrite. Sometimes I write things in the wrong spot, but most of the time I fall into the "show everything that's happening" trap. Often I can cut entire pages and no one would ever know something was there. My hope is the single notebook with specific scene objectives will help to focus my writing more. That's the hope.

Because I know my writing habits so well. I'll get a half-hour in the morning and then a few more in the afternoon with a minimum daily goal of about 1000 words. I'll probably end up cutting a third of them but I have to write them to cut them.

Anyone doing a first draft of a new project? I want to hear about it. Good luck!

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