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Analogue Drafts

I'm took a break from editing the novel recently and starting a new short story in the Rifleman series.

When I'm writing something new I like to break out the typewriter. This is a 1934-ish? Remington Junior. Portable and sturdy, it allows me to throw the words down without the possibility of editing in progress or spell-checking, which often slows me down when I work digitally. I'm amazed at the rhythm I can get into. It's truly a joy to use. I'll leave it at that.

To make the process worthwhile I need to have a solid outline. "Pantsing" comes naturally to me but after years of trying work that way, I've learned that it doesn't work for me. For this task a simple spiral bound is always the best. On these ruled pages I can fly by the seat of my pants, work through ideas as needed, and draft several outlines before I start.

And then comes the fun part.

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