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Chris David Marshall

"Greatness is not innate in anyone. It comes when you surrender yourself to something greater."


-the Abbot Titus

From the Flesh of the Mighty 

A writer of stories about characters who believe and behave


I am an unpublished writer, though after several years I am finally preparing to seek avenues of traditional publication for both my longer fantasy work and my historical short fiction. Click the links below to see what I'm working on and visit my blog (posted every Thursday) where I highlight my mistakes and hard lessons I've learned in 1 minute or less.


If you want samples of my actual writing just scroll through my Twitter feed (link above) where I post a few lines each week from works in progress. That will give you flavour of what's coming.

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Drostan Stormfist

The Boys

Korvall, Drostan, Grimwood


Korvall Irenbend


Fyfa of Cirgaran


Tamghan Grimwood


Kalanar Rivenaxe


Chris David Marshall

In 2016 Chris earned a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from Humber School for Writers, where he developed the first draft of a historical fiction novel, mentored by author, Richard Scrimger. The result was less than stellar, but he cut his storytelling teeth on that manuscript and that experience aided him in his future writing projects. 

His debut fantasy novel, From the Flesh of the Mighty, will be queried soon. In the meantime Chris is writing a series of short stories that follow a Canadian carrier platoon working their way through France after D-Day.

Chris a teacher librarian in Ontario, Canada. When he's not writing, he's reading (obviously) and spending time with his wife and two dogs between his home by the beach and his tiny cabin in the woods.



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