Notebooks, Sketchbooks, Journals...

I've recently had an interesting back and forth with writer on Instagram about our many uses of journals and notebooks, and the different ways we use them to plot (or not). ⁠

I've said before that when I'm outlining and plotting I want the 100 page spiral because of the size, the ease, and because it is NOT pleasing to look at or touch. I feel more freedom to write garbage in it. That's me.⁠

The writer I spoke with likes to use the nice ones to write out the first draft of his story. There IS something undeniably pleasurable about opening up a leather-bound when you're out somewhere and scribbling down a description of setting, jotting down some overheard dialogue, or even sketching out a scene on a blank page. ⁠

I always take one camping or have one with me at the coffee shop (pre-COVID- *sigh*). But my conversations with other writers has got me thinking that I need to go on more walks to places where I can sketch and jot down those vivid details that can turn a good piece of description into a tactile one, or setting that comes alive through smell and sound.⁠

What are some other ways writers use notebooks, and do you share the same affinity to soft leather or is it only what's inside that counts?⁠

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