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The Rifleman


Set in northern France between June and August, 1944, these stories follow Canadian rifleman, Corporal Tom McKenzie, as he and the Fourth Carrier Platoon of the Queen's Own Rifles push through Normandy in the slow, grueling Allied campaign to liberate France from Nazi occupation. 

"Tom was the best NCO
I ever ran across."
-Capt. Stanley C. Biggs

*"Guys Like Us"


Tom and the Mad Four are assigned as assault troops to B Company near Carpiquet airfield. When occupants of a concrete bunker open fire, Tom assumes command. He quickly finds himself in a battle of wills with a Nazi officer as Tom must do whatever it takes to root them out before nightfall.

"Hill 80"


Juno is secured. But June 6th is far from over. Tom and a select group of the Mad Four must now clear occupied high ground needed for a vital communications tower. When tank support fails, it's up to Tom and the others to get the job done. 

"The Potato Field"


Desperate for anything to break up the daily monotony of canned army rations, Tom eyes an opportunity to grab a delicacy from Georgian Bay farmland. But the onlooking Germans want Tom to pay the ultimate price for his taste of home. 

"The Road to Falaise"

It's mid-August, 1944, and the Canadians are in the final stages of a coordinated effort to liberate Paris. But first they have to take Falaise, and the road is being watched. When Tom's carrier is hit, it's up to him to get his wounded men back to the platoon before death or the enemy takes them.

*On submission

All others in drafting stage, to be completed soon.

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